Hierarchy’s design philosophy is to push the boundary of what is possible, to create a truly unique and inspirational result every time.  We do this by establishing a strong partnership with our clients at the outset in the discovery stage and ensuring on going communication throughout the process. Put simply if we haven’t exceeded our clients’ expectations with the finished result then we haven’t done our job.


We use the clients brief and design research to inform the design direction of the project. In each case the essential aims, intentions and opportunities are discovered and evolve into design insights which are then carried through to the next stage.


Insights found in Discover are formulated as initial concepts and presented as 3D conceptual visuals. This is where the project comes to life and the design elements take shape. We adhere to the specific requirements of the brief such as budget and timeframe but begin to push the boundaries of what is possible and achievable and truly unbelievable. Define is a collaborative phase involving our team and the client and culminates in a concept so honed in it’s resolution that the client can almost touch it.


An iterative process, drawings become refined as we work to distil visions for the final build from the layers of conceptual development already undertaken. We draw on our knowledge and experience to review and refine each facet of the design.  The technological, cultural, environmental and commercial realisation of the built environment begins to emerge.Documentation is undertaken in preparation for the build.  A methodical and rigorous approach to documentation ensures a streamlined process through consent, tender and into construction.


The most stressful part of the process is the construction phase. This is where timeframes, the project scope and the budget can all ‘blow out’ if the process is not well managed. A strong, systematic approach to ensuring all project details are specified documented and delivered enables an end result achieved on time and within budget.